Self -esteem

Self-esteem reflects a person’s evaluation of one’s own image, appraisal and judgment of emotional and psychological self-worth.

Numerous factors can play a part in causing issues and difficulties with self-esteem. Early childhood experiences, traumas, negative experiences and even underlying mental health issues can damage self-esteem. The impact of low self-esteem can be widespread. It can reduce confidence, cause problems in work and relationships and can also cause shame and guilt leading to depression and other mental health conditions including substance misuse and anxiety disorders.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other psychological treatments – for example, Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) – can benefit self-esteem leading to overall improvement in confidence and self-esteem.

Here at Mental Health and Well Being Services, we take an integrated approach to helping with self-esteem and work collaboratively with our clients in order to help them achieve their full potential in all aspects of their life.

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