Referring Patient

Mental Health and Well Being Services after being approved by CQC is able to see private as well as NHS patients should the NHS organisation, CCG or GPs want to seek psychiatric or psychological support.

For private patients insured by private insurance, a pre-authorisation code will be required.

For self-funding patients, our PA Clare Lloyd will be able to arrange appointments and be happy to facilitate the consultations.

GPs and NHS organisations can refer patients securely on NHS net address on [email protected]

It would be helpful to have the details of the presenting problems, any relevant psychiatric and medical history as well as some assessment of the current risks so that the appointment can be arranged without any delays.

Current medication regime and details of any co-existing medical conditions would be required before any pharmacological treatments can be recommended.


Mental Health and Wellbeing Tariffs

Service Fee Time
1. Consultant Psychiatric Assessment £250 Up to 1 ½ hrs
2. Consultant Psychiatrist Follow up £150 Up to 45 mins


Up to 3 items

More than 3 items



4. ADHD Diagnostic Assessment £600 Up to 2 hours
5. Psychotherapy Session £75 Per hour
6. Psychotherapy Session - EMDR £85 Per hour
7. Psychotherapy Session - Couples Therapy £100 Per hour
8. Autism Assessment - using DISCO (Lorna Wing Centre)/ADOS 2 tool  (interview with client and carer/family member and post diagnostic feedback and report).


Depends on the case

9. Child Psychology Appointment £350 Initial Assessment

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