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Cookies & Privacy Policy


Essential Cookies

Session Cookies

A session cookie is temporary and lasts only as long as that 'session' of browsing. The cookie will last from the time it was set (usually once the website was visited), to the website being left and / or the browser being closed.

In most cases the data that is stored by Session Cookies holds no real personal information - its most common use is to hold state information such as keeping you logged into a website, storing choices made or holding what's in your basket during online shopping.

How We Use Session Cookies

This website uses session cookies to perform tasks which enable the functionality of the website. We use session cookies to store whether or not you are logged into the website, restriction of certain areas of the website, ascertaining your cookie preference in line with the GDPR and enabling general administrative duties.

Performance Cookies

If you accept our request to allow the website to use performance 'Cookies' then currently we are using:

Google Analytics Cookies

Google Analytics Cookies are used to track website usage such as: how many visitors the website gets, how frequently certain pages are visited and how long a visitor stays on the website and its pages.

This information can then be used by the website owner to assess whether the website is meeting the needs of its visitors and of course make changes to improve their experience accordingly.

These Cookies will expire naturally over time or you can clear these in your browser as you chose.

How Google uses this data is available here.

Privacy Policy

We work within the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore any information that we obtain that is able to identify you is kept private unless we are legally obliged to disclose this information.

We operate our services in line with those advised by the Information Commissioners Office.

By contacting us, either directly or someone acting on your behalf – for example: a healthcare provider, then this is perceived as permission to use your personal information in accordance with the nature of the enquiry.

At any point you can withdraw your consent for us to hold and process your personal information. However, this may impact upon any services that you are receiving from us.

You are also able to ask whether we are holding any personal information of yours, if so how we are using it; sharing it and for copies of that information.

Although we endeavour to ensure that we preserve your privacy, we cannot guarantee this absolutely.