Frazer Funnell

Child and Adolescent Specialist Nurse Prescribing Consultant

Care should be holistic and person-centred. Individuals themselves are the most important resource in their own recovery; sometimes people just need help to unlock and focus their potential. That sums up my working approach and ethos, and the way I have practiced.

Prior to retiring from the NHS I had 37 years nursing experience; twenty years in adult services such as adult forensic services, drug addiction services, acute ward settings, and community settings, and seventeen years in Child & Adolescent Mental Health forensic and generic Services. During my career I have engaged in treating such issues as eating disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attachment disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, psychosis and schizophrenia, mood disorders (bi-polar and depressive disorders) and anxiety disorders, as well as a range of childhood traumas, behavioural challenges and difficulties. I have also lectured in universities, and other settings, on a range of mental health topics.

I am an experienced independent prescriber and have experience as an Approved Mental Health Professional having conducted many Mental Health Act Assessments. I hold a masters degree and have additional training and qualifications in cognitive therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, multi-systemic therapy, and Eye Movement De-sensitisation & Re-processing Therapy.

Having worked across a range of settings and services means I have experience in supporting people with many aspects of their mental health and emotional wellbeing, with experience of diagnostic assessments, and delivering both therapy and pharmacological support. Varied qualifications and experience have moulded my perspectives eclectically and broadened my thinking, which has helped me to deliver care that is appropriate to individuals. It has also made me very aware of my own limitations and appreciative of those with different skills and perspectives, enabling me to fit with other professionals who have different roles. That makes for a great team.

Outside of my working life I love playing the guitar (particularly classic rock and blues), and enjoy running and keeping fit, as well as being an avid reader of almost any type of literature.