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Behavioural Activation for Depression

Our Behavioural Activation for Depression Services are Available Online as well as in our Shropshire Clinic

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Behavioural Activation is designed to increase your interaction with positively rewarding activities.

The process capitalises on the beneficial effect that is achieved when we accomplishing something that we find personally positive. The approach is guided by a therapist who works with you to identify specific goals in the form of rewarding or pleasurable activities. These activities are chosen to be consistent with your greater life ambitions or values – essentially, what is important to you.

Through Behavioural Activation a developed recognition of the cycles of depression / anxiety can be attained. Then, when you notice that you are feeling anxious or depressed the intention is to practice one of your activities. The benefit of undertaking the activity is in any pleasure you may get immediately and especially in the long term relationship between behaviour affecting mood.

If you believe that Behavioural Activation may be something you would like to consider or are exploring options for conditions such as depression and anxiety then please contact us, where we can guide you regarding the best options available for you.

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For more information or to find out how to book an appointment then please contact us.


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