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Problems Relating to Others

We do not always "see eye to eye" with other people, in that we will usually find that we get on with some people better than we get on with others.

However, if you are finding that having these problems are impacting your life then it may be worth investigating potential causes and available treatments or therapies.

Problems relating to others is quite a broad term that can encompass the majority of others or just those of significance to you, maybe a partner or family.

Causes and Treatments

Likewise, the reasons for problems can be wide and varied too. For example:

If the problem is predominantly with relating to your current partner or you are trying to understand why this may be a recurring theme in your relationships, then Couples & Relationships Therapy may be worth considering.

If you are just now broadening your exposure to more people, or if the problem has just been more recent or gradually developing over time then it may be indicative of underlying conditions such as Anxiety, Stress or Low Self-Esteem, all of which have a range of therapies and treatments that can be used to assist.

If you have always had problems interrelating with others, especially the wider population, or are trying to broaden your exposure to more people but are really struggling to relate to others, then it may be a symptom of a specific condition which having diagnosed may assist your understanding and appreciation, as well as open pathways to further support.

What Next

Following your enquiry, we will gather some background information from you to determine which consultation would be most appropriate.

Once a diagnosis has been reached then, if appropriate, the relevant treatments and therapies will be suggested for your consideration.

Next Steps

For more information or to find out how to book an appointment then please contact us.


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