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Alcohol & Drug Abuse / Misuse

Consuming alcohol inappropriately and / or abusing or misusing drugs can be indicative of other underlying issues or conditions.

Depending on the current position of your use, which can be ascertained following your initial enquiry, we may be able to help identify the contributing factors and, if they are within our areas of expertise, any appropriate treatment or treatments for your consideration.

A number of common conditions can contribute to the reliance on substances such as alcohol or drugs, and likewise, these can be cyclic - with one contributing to the other and vice-versa, including:

There are also certain other psychological disorders or syndromes where alcohol and / or drug misuse can be found such as:

Treatments for Alcohol & Drug Abuse / Misuse with MHWS

Please Note: We do NOT offer services regarding addiction directly at MHWS.

However, if you would like to consider the options in regards to the potential of an underlying condition or conditions being a key-factor in your reliance on substances, then contact us and we will be happy to advise on your next steps and eligibility.

Next Steps

For more information or to find out how to book an appointment then please contact us.


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