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Adult Autism ( ASD ) - Assessment & Diagnosis Services

Our Autism Diagnosis & Treatment Services are Available Online as well as in our Shropshire Clinic

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An Overview of Autism including Asperger's

ASD is the name for the group of developmental disorders which can have problems in social communication, interaction, and imagination. People with ASD can also have repetitive behaviours and circumscribed interests, as well as stereotypical behaviours.

Usually the problems are noticed in the early years and can range from very severe disorder where speech and language can be impaired to more of a milder problem where the language develops but other aspects of social and communication problems are still present.

The social and communication issues can lead to significant problems in individual's relationships, education, occupation, and social gatherings, often leading to comorbid depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Often there can be a genetic and family history of ASD .

Benefit of Getting an Assessment

Obtaining a diagnosis, for any condition, is often the step towards an improved life. A diagnosis will enable the person diagnosed to access information relevant to them, to obtain specific and tailored treatments and where relevant – medication.

With the right support and / or outlook a diagnosis can be extremely comforting, especially if a condition has been present for some time.

Whether you share your diagnosis with others or keep it private it can benefit interpersonal relationships including family, friends and work - making life easier.

If your assessment provides a negative diagnosis, that is that you don’t meet the criteria for this specific diagnosis, that can be equally as rewarding. Plus, our trained clinicians will advise if they recognise any potential, further, avenues for consideration.

Autism is a protected characteristic under disability in the Equality Act (2010), meaning individuals are entitled to reasonable adjustments being in settings such as education and work. For some, a diagnosis can help them to better understand and accept themselves and why they may feel 'different' to others.

How to Get an Assessment With Us at MHWS ?


Private healthcare refers to health services which you purchase yourself directly with the provider (MHWS) or via medical insurance.

Although here at MHWS we do provide some services to the NHS for certain conditions we also provide our full range of services privately too.

What are the benefits of Private Healthcare?

  1. In many instances choosing to go private means shorter waiting times and therefore quicker diagnosis and treatment.
  2. For some conditions a private practice may have access to a wider range of treatments, therapies and medications than the NHS

To find out more about seeing MHWS as a private patient please contact us.

The Assessment

At MHWS , Dr Mohamad undertakes this assessment and is accredited by the National Autistic Society to take formal diagnostic assessments. Diagnosing ASD in adulthood needs comprehensive assessment as it is not easy to separate out ASD features, which can also overlap with the other mental health conditions like ADHD , depression, psychosis and bipolar. Therefore, specialist training and experience is required to come to a conclusive diagnosis.

Dr Mohamad and his team are qualified in conducting recognised and validated ASD assessment tools, such as ADI-R, ADOS 2 and DISCO. These enable the team to gather evidence from a variety of settings and sources for diagnosis.

The diagnostic assessment process is lengthy and is usually spread out over a few sessions. Our consultant may also recommend assessment or treatment for any co-morbid condition if they are also suspected of playing a part along with ASD .

Fees and Summary of Payment Terms for an Adult Autism Assessment

We offer adult Autism assessments privately at a cost of £2,000.

We require £1,000 of the cost prior to the first appointment as a deposit. The remaining £1,000 can be paid whilst the process is ongoing but must be paid entirely before the report is released.

Payments should be received, at least, 7 working days (monday-friday) before the appointment, otherwise the appointment will be cancelled.

Cancelling an Appointment

Should you need to cancel an appointment, we require 1 full working day notice so that we may otherwise use this time.

If you cancel before 3 full working days of the appointment, we will be able to arrange a refund or reschedule the appointment.

Cancellations or failure to attend an appointment, without the required 3 full working day's notice, will result in you being liable for the full amount. This will mean that any outstanding balance must be paid and that any associated payment already received will not be eligible for refund.

Next Steps

For more information or to find out how to book an appointment then please contact us.


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