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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - Assessment & Diagnosis Services

Our ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment Services are Available Online as well as in our Shropshire Clinic

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An Overview of ADHD

ADHD is a mental health disorder characterised by persistent difficulties in paying attention and focusing, hyperactivity, and impulsive behaviours, among other problems. In severe cases, the ADHD symptoms can be very disabling and cause significant problems in an individual's education, occupation, or interpersonal relationships. These in turn can have an impact on self-esteem, leading to depression and other mental health problems.

Typically, ADHD symptoms are present throughout childhood and are often picked up. However, it is possible that one may not have received the diagnosis at a young age, and the full symptoms of the condition only start to manifest in their adult life.

Adults with ADHD can often have difficulties with their organisational skills, finding it hard to focus or stay in the moment for too long, getting easily distracted, and finding themselves having trouble due to impulsive behaviours, including issues with temper and frustration. Additionally, people with ADHD can turn to substance or alcohol abuse in the hope of relaxing or feeling less on edge and fidgety.

Benefit of Getting an Assessment

Obtaining a diagnosis, for any condition, is often the step towards an improved life. A diagnosis will enable the person diagnosed to access information relevant to them, to obtain specific and tailored treatments and where relevant – medication.

With the right support and / or outlook a diagnosis can be extremely comforting, especially if a condition has been present for some time.

Whether you share your diagnosis with others or keep it private it can benefit interpersonal relationships including family, friends and work - making life easier.

If your assessment provides a negative diagnosis, that is that you don’t meet the criteria for this specific diagnosis, that can be equally as rewarding. Plus, our trained clinicians will advise if they recognise any potential, further, avenues for consideration.

How to Get an Assessment With Us at MHWS ?

If you suspect that you or the person that you care for may have this condition, the following are potential routes to diagnosis and treatment with us.


MHWS are commissioned by Shropshire and Telford Commissioning Group to provide an ADHD diagnosis and treatment service for adults within the area following a referral from their GP. Therefore, if you live within Shropshire and Telford your GP should be able to guide you accordingly. Do feel free to pass over our details to your GP, who will be happy to support with the application process if required.


Private healthcare refers to health services which you purchase yourself directly with the provider (MHWS) or via medical insurance.

Although here at MHWS we do provide some services to the NHS for certain conditions we also provide our full range of services privately too.

What are the benefits of Private Healthcare?

  1. In many instances choosing to go private means shorter waiting times and therefore quicker diagnosis and treatment.
  2. For some conditions a private practice may have access to a wider range of treatments, therapies and medications than the NHS

To find out more about seeing MHWS as a private patient please contact us.

Please Note: For private ADHD assessments for children and young people, please see the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) section.

The Assessment

Duration: up to 2 hours

The assessment is multidisciplinary, often with the help of a nurse specialist and health and psychology practitioner as well as a consultant psychiatrist. You will be guided through completing a comprehensive rating scale, which will help identify your symptoms, and a detailed family and developmental history will be taken which can help to rule out any other condition(s) that could be contributing to your symptoms.

Also during the assessment, physical health monitoring of height, weight, blood pressure and pulse may be taken or required. If this is being done over distance, rather than within our clinic, you will be guided on how to achieve this.

Treatments for ADHD

The treatment for ADHD is usually stimulant medications and Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic strategies.

ADHD symptoms can be managed pharmaceutically, with improvements most often seen in concentration, emotional lability, and racing thoughts. Pharmaceutical options are carefully titrated (monitored and adjusted) to achieve the most beneficial outcome for each individual.

For NHS patients from Shropshire, pharmaceutical treatment is covered under the NHS commissioning arrangements.

For private patient’s treatment may be provided directly by us or in conjunction with your GP. The approach to treatment will be explored during consultation.

Fees and Summary of Payment Terms for an Adult ADHD Assessment

We offer Adult ADHD assessments privately at a cost of £675.00.

We require full payment for the service, at least, 7 working days (monday-friday) before the appointment, otherwise the appointment will be cancelled.

Cancelling an Appointment

Should you need to cancel an appointment, we require 1 full working day notice so that we may otherwise use this time.

If you cancel before 3 full working days of the appointment, we will be able to arrange a refund or reschedule the appointment.

Cancellations or failure to attend an appointment, without the required 3 full working day's notice, will result in you being liable for the full amount. This will mean that any outstanding balance must be paid and that any associated payment already received will not be eligible for refund.

Next Steps

For more information or to find out how to book an appointment then please contact us.

Notice for Any New Adult ADHD Diagnosis & Assessment Service Enquiries

Due to a high level of demand for these services we are currently not accepting any new private patients whilst we work through our existing referrals.

We apologise for any disappointment and inconvenience this may cause and we will regularly review our position updating the information on our website, emails and answerphone whenever changes occur.


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