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Meet the Team

Dr Mirza Wasi Mohamad
Clinical Director
Dr Mirza Wasi Mohamad

"I believe in treating mental health conditions holistically and using variety of biological, behavioural and various holistic approaches alongside psychological methods"

I became a consultant in 2006 and have worked in various settings including community, crisis and home treatment as well as in-patient settings. I was also involved in senior management roles and worked as a Clinical Director in the NHS . After working in the NHS for over 20 years, I have established my own private practice.

Whilst I have experience of treating range of conditions, my special interest is in treating mood disorders and neurodevelopmental disorders including ADHD . I also have developed expertise in diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorders and have trained via National Autistic Society and also undertaken training in ADIR and ADOS .

In the last few years I have used new treatment methods like TMS and more recently medical cannabis for treatment of resistant cases of depression, PTSD , ADHD and Pain Management.

I have keen interest in the evolutionary aspect of psychology and psychiatric disorders. I fell in love with Shrewsbury and whilst worked in different areas of UK, Shrewsbury which is the birth place of Charles Darwin remained my home and now the base of my own private set up.

It was my dream and passion to bring a range of holistic treatment options to help people in times of need and to get them back to living a fulfilling life and achieve their potential. The last 3 years have been immensely rewarding just doing that.

Having travelled more than 50 countries, I have tried to learn from different health care systems and endeavoured to apply the best approaches in my own clinical set up. The team in my clinic firmly believes in evidenced based treatment approaches but also applying them individually to each client's need.

Having been extremely lucky to work and learn from amazing role models during my own professional development, I find leadership roles very rewarding . It gives me chance to not only pass on my own ideas and experience but also learn from the young and talented professionals. I am a firm believer in science and lifelong evidenced based learning. It was a proud moment for me when CQC acknowledged the leadership aspect of my practice and considered it 'outstanding'.

Sabeen Mohamad
Consultant Psycho-therapist
Sabeen Mohamad

"My passion is to work with people in developing an understanding of their issues and to help them achieve a better and clearer strategy to empower them to deal with their issues and to lead a more balanced life."

I believe that in therapy, the most vital component is the therapeutic relationship. Most of us could have difficulties with attachment issues, environmental issues, rejection sensitivity, social expectations, trust or could have genetic predisposition to develop mental health issues. My passion is to work with people in developing an understanding of their difficulties and to help them achieve a better and clearer strategy to empower them to manage themselves resulting in a more balanced life.

I have always been very fascinated with human behaviours and attitudes in different environments and interpersonal interactions. This interest led me to take psychology as a career path. Over the years, I have acquired expertise in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Acceptance and Compassion focussed approaches in helping my clients. I also acquired accreditation with Tavistock Centre in Couple and Relationship Therapies.

Being involved in treatments of neurodiverse conditions, I have developed special interest in helping people with ADHD , Autistic Spectrum issues and mood disorders including Bipolar Disorders.

Dr Chandra Basavaraj
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Chandra Basavaraj

"Being a patient-centred clinician, I have always had excellent feedback from patients both in the NHS and private sector."

Over the last 15 plus years, I have worked predominantly in the NHS in Psychiatry and did my post-graduate training in South Wales and qualified as a consultant in psychiatry in 2016. In all these years of working in the NHS , I have worked across both adult psychiatry and older people's psychiatric services assessing and treating mental health conditions such as Anxiety, Depression. Phobia, adult ADHD , Schizophrenia and also have specific expertise in assessment and diagnosis of Dementia.

Frazer Funnell
Child and Adolescent Specialist Nurse Prescribing Consultant
Frazer Funnell

"Care should be holistic and person-centred. Individuals themselves are the most important resource in their own recovery; sometimes people just need help to unlock and focus their potential. That sums up my working approach and ethos, and the way I have practiced."

Prior to retiring from the NHS I had 37 years nursing experience; twenty years in adult services such as adult forensic services, drug addiction services, acute ward settings, and community settings, and seventeen years in Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (FCAMHS).

During my career I have engaged in treating such issues as eating disorder, PTSD , Attachment Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD , Psychosis and Schizophrenia, mood disorders (Bipolar and depressive disorders) and anxiety disorders, as well as a range of childhood traumas, behavioural challenges and difficulties. I have also lectured in universities, and other settings, on a range of mental health topics.

Franki Edwards
Health & Psychology Practitioner
Franki Edwards

"It is my aim that individuals should have confidence in not only their own abilities, but also their own uniqueness"

I have been with Mental Health and Wellbeing Ltd since September 2017. Over time my role within the company has changed. Having a background in Sport and Exercise Psychology, as well as Personal Training and Exercise Referral (fitness), I began my journey in this company as a consultant on exercise as therapy.

However, after expressing my interest in ADHD , ASD , and neurodevelopmental conditions generally, I quickly developed into an assisting role in the NHS funded ADHD clinics. Within this role, I attended many seminars on ADHD , and studied research around the condition and treatments. Additionally, with my interest in ASD , I completed training in ADIR and ADOS so that I could assist in the private diagnostic processes within the company.

I was also lead in the temporary NHS funded ASD assessments in young people awarded to the company. Responsible for the planning, management and undertaking of gathering information, to be overseen by Dr Mohamad for final diagnoses. Within all aspects of my work, I have found meeting new people and gaining a deep understanding of each person, has been the most rewarding.

Having a background in Psychology (BSc, MSc), and an interest in people, I am lucky to now be training in counselling. With the view to become a fully accredited counsellor and psychotherapist by 2023. Through my work within this company, and my own personal experiences, I want to develop a warm and open environment in which people can be heard and their personal growth can be facilitated.

Dr Angela Willis
Specialist Education Consultant
Angela Willis

"Joining up thinking about neurodevelopment, as a partnership approach, is fundamental to individual's wellbeing, diversity awareness and understanding, and community belonging. Making a positive difference and being part of that journey is important to me."

I have worked as a teacher and in a specialist advisory capacity in state and independent educational settings across all phases, including Specialist Provision for 25 years. My particular interest is in neurodevelopmental conditions and educational inclusion. As a quality assured trainer for the Autism Education Trust (AET) I have worked with Shropshire Council SEND team to deliver AET training in awareness, practice and leadership to schools across the county.

I have just completed my Doctorate in Education. This research investigated the experience of being autistic in a mainstream school which received the Association of Open University Graduates Foundation for Education Vic Finklestein Award for Health and Social Care. I also hold a Masters Degree in Education; a Bachelors (Honours) Degree in Education; a Postgraduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder and a Conversion Degree Diploma in Psychology.

I have graduate membership of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS) and am a Gamewell certified professional; an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association (AMBDA) and hold an SpLd (Dyslexia) Assessment Practising Certificate (APC: 21/APC01006). Within the Mental Health and Wellbeing Service my role is as an Educational Consultant within the autism assessment team; additionally I am ADIR and ADOS trained to undertake interview and observational assessments with clients.

Fiona Muller
Psychology Assistant
Fiona Muller

I have a real passion for supporting young people and families through difficult times with a holistic approach. This passion has only grown throughout my studies and own personal experiences.

I have recently joined the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team in September 2021. I have completed my MSC in Family and Child Psychology at Chester University and BSc in Clinical and Health Psychology at Bangor University. I really relate to the company's ethos in providing the best possible mental health support to help individuals wellbeing within a team of compassionate professionals.

Since joining the team I have also gained experience in supporting adults throughout their ADHD and ASD assessments. I have a special interest in eating behaviours and how this is connected to neurodiversity. I believe a warm, empathetic, and family-centred approach is essential to giving the best support and building therapeutic relationships. I have found seeing people's lives change for the better after an assessment and treatment such a rewarding experience.

My role involves supporting both the admin and clinical teams in observing clinics, scoring diagnostic tools, writing treatment notes, and writing detailed reports. I am being trained by the clinical team to be independent in the clinical side of history taking and diagnosis, all overseen by Dr Mohamad. I am excited to continue to learn and grow, whilst developing my future career within the company.

Clare Lloyd
Operational Manager and PA to the Directors
Clare Lloyd

I started work for MWHB in 2017 as Dr Mohamad's secretary. I previously worked as a Ward Clerk in a community Hospital in Powys and then met Dr Mohamad back in 2013 when we were involved in the start of the North Powys Crisis Home Treatment Team. When he decided to move into private practice, I was fortunate to be offered a role.

Over the last 3 years that I have worked for MHW, as the business has grown so has my own role developed. As Operational Manager I oversee the day to day running of the NHS Commissioned Adult ADHD Service and have also developed a special interest in data security and information governance.

As PA to the Directors this continues to give me the contact with clients which I find particularly rewarding. I believe that the client is the most important person and hope through my experience to support them during the referral and consultation process. I aim to make this an efficient and friendly start through their treatment journey with MHW. I am often told that the hardest part is making the initial contact, but what have you got to lose, we are only a phone call or email away and making the decision to make that first small step can lead to a positive outcome for you.

Jan Lloyd
Clinic Coordinator

I have worked in the Health industry for 20 years after qualifying in therapeutic massage techniques and then as a Naturopath in Australia, focusing on diet and well-being within my own practice. I have also worked as an IAPT Administrator in the NHS and in a Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Hospital as a Ward Clerk.

I joined Mental Health and Wellbeing Services in January 2019, initially as an Administrator for the adult ADHD team and then after achieving an Open University BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Counselling in August 2019, stepped into my current role as Clinic Coordinator.

Within this role, I have the first contact with the patient from their initial referral into our service, booking their assessment and completing psychometric testing. I support the Consultant Psychiatrist in their outpatient clinics, which is beneficial to building a rapport with the patients at first contact and continue to be the point of contact between appointments regarding medication and any other concerns. I am inspired daily by being involved in seeing the dramatic change in a person's life from pre-assessment to diagnosis and treatment.

Hannah Metcalfe
Clinical Coordinator for CAMHS
Hannah Metcalfe

I joined the Mental Health and Well Being team in November 2019. My role in the team is coordinating and assisting with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Previously, I have worked as a teacher and had particular interest in neurodevelopmental challenges children and young people can face and the impact of these on their education. I have been gaining experience and training in administering diagnostic tools and as a part of multidisciplinary team, facilitate in the diagnostic assessment of ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Kathleen Arbuckle
Clinic Administrator
Kathleen Arbuckle

I joined Mental Health and Wellbeing Services nearly 2 years ago and work in my role as clinic administrator for ADHD clinics and also with private clients. I also play an important role in organising prescriptions and helping day to day running of the clinics.

Diana Richmond
Administration Assistant
Diana Richmond

I have a working background in administration and enjoy the versatility of my role, while supporting the warm, friendly atmosphere of the Mental Health & Wellbeing team.

In my spare time I am involved with charities who support a person's emotions and enables' them to see a positive side of life.


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