Dr Mirza Wasi Mohamad
I first qualified as a doctor in 1995 and became member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2002. I became a consultant in 2006 and have worked in various settings including community, crisis and home treatment as well as in-patient settings. I was also involved in senior management roles and worked as a Clinical Director in the NHS. After working in the NHS for over 20 years, I have established my own private practice and am also involved in working for different NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups alongside my own busy private practice.
Sabeen Mohammed
I believe that in therapy, the most vital component is the therapeutic relationship. Most of us could have difficulties with attachment issues, environmental issues, social expectations trust or could have genetic predisposition which predispose some of us to develop mental health issues. I like to think my passion is to work with people in developing an understanding of their issues and to help them achieve a better and clearer strategy to empower them to deal with their issues and to lead a more balanced life.
Clare Lloyd
I have worked as Dr Mohamad’s Private Secretary on a part time basis since January 2017. This involved arranging his Private Psychiatric Clinic appointments and also arranging the ADHD Clinics for Telford and Wrekin and more recently Shropshire as well. This has been a role that has developed and evolved over the past year and has led to my full-time employment with MHWB from December 2017.
Franki Edwards
I offer a more holistic view to mental health and wellbeing; coming from a psychology and health and fitness background. I graduated with a First class honours degree in Psychology in 2014, and soon followed with a Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology 2015. My particular interest has always been in the use of exercise as medicine. I would like to use exercise to help relieve symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and many more mental health difficulties.

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