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How We Work & What to Expect

The Initial Consultation

All work with a client begins with an initial consultation with an MHWS specialist such as a Psychiatrist, a Psychotherapist or a combination of more than one depending on the type of assessment being undertaken.

Working with a new client requires that we understand their individual needs and therefore even though a client may have a pre-existing diagnosis, which we are to either support or take over the management of, we will still have to get to know you as an individual so that we can offer the best support. At least in part this is because an individual's needs change in time and so does the science of identifying conditions and application of treatments and therapies.

During your consultation we endeavour to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible, whether you are at our clinical practice or at distance via an online / remote appointment.

The Consultation Summary

During the consultation, usually towards the end, and depending on the type of assessment then a discussion regarding available treatments may be had. The specialist will introduce these and discuss the options and availability and any steps needed to progress.

If treatments or therapies are available and offered, then you have our full support to decide on whether you wish to accept any or all of these and within your own time.

Following the Consultation

The outcome of our findings will be shared with your GP and if appropriate, certainly for specifically diagnosed conditions such as ASD or ADHD , then a detailed report will be created and provided both to you and your GP.

If during the consultation a pathway of treatment wasn't immediately apparent to our practitioner, for instance they wanted to liaise with other specialists within the team, then once this information has been collected and considered you will be contacted to discuss further.

Treatments & Therapies


If it is decided that a course of medication is to be undertaken, then this will be prescribed and monitored by an MHWS specialist. During the monitoring period different medications and dosages may be trialled until an appropriate fit is found for you.

Depending on the type of condition and medication or medications applied then ongoing prescription and care may be supplied directly by MHWS or passed over to your GP.


Depending on the therapy you will be introduced to the practitioner who will present, guide and implement the therapy whilst monitoring and tailoring it your individual needs as the course progresses.


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