Fitness and Wellbeing

There is now research evidence to suggest that exercise and fitness can help with mild to moderate mental health conditions and enhance mood and motivation. In Mental Health and Well Being Services, we are keen to incorporate health and well being element into the overall treatment plan of our clients.

Francesca Edwards, our Health and Psychology Practitioner is also trained as a fitness instructor and along with her psychological work helps clients in developing a goal and works with them to achieve a healthier life style. By regularly developing these strategies our clients can enhance the effects of other psychological and biological treatments to get the maximum benefit in their journey to recovery.

Francesca uses various methods and can help in devising plans on body balance, various exercises, body toning, weight loss, motivational issues and regular monitoring of the body fat, blood pressure and achieving the target set to gain better health and fitness. She also uses behavioural activation which can help with mood and other conditions.  Francesca can also work individually with clients if required to do one to one personal fitness.

Francesca has also developed a 7-step guide to help our clients with mood, ADHD and other conditions to help them achieve the day to day life challenges and develop simple strategies to overcome these problems.

Our philosophy in Mental Health and Well Being Services is to work towards reducing the distinction between “mind” and “body” and reduce the gap and inequalities for our clients with mental health conditions.

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