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MHWS Fees for Adult Clients

The following is an overview of our fees.

Please contact us so that we can guide you in regards to what may be required and the options available to you.

  • All Services that we provide are available privately
  • Some services may be available as a referral from the NHS and we can help guide you on these
  • Some services may be available via existing health insurance policies from such as: BUPA, AXA PPP, Aviva, Pru Health etc. and we can help advise you on what would be required
Service Duration Fee
Consultant Psychiatric Appointment Up to 75 mins. £350
Consultant Psychiatrist Follow-up Appointments
(* See E-Consult Follow-up Appointments below)
Up to 45 mins. £170
Psychotherapy Session - Couples Therapy Per session £150
Psychotherapy Session Per session £120
Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming (EMDR) Session Per session £120
Medico Legal Cases case by case
GP Letter - £25

* E-Consult Follow-up Appointments When a clinician feels it is appropriate and safe to do so they can offer follow-up appointments via an online consultation carried out through our E-Consult portal - more information would be provided if you were deemed elegible. Please note: not everyone is going to be eligible for this service and also elegibility can be changeable. Whilst eligible for an E-Consult you do not need to have a standard consultation unless you prefer to do so. E-consults are charged at £45 each.

Specialist Assessments Fee
ADHD Diagnostic Assessment
includes report and first prescription if applicable
Autism Assessment
includes diagnostic report if applicable
Prescriptions Fee
1 - 3 Items £35
4 Items Plus £45


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