Autistic Spectrum

Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is the name for group of developmental disorders which can have problems in social communication, interaction and imagination. People of ASD conditions can have repetitive behaviours and limited interests as well as stereotypical behaviours. Usually the problems are noticed in the early years often in the first couple of year and can range from very severe disorder where speech can be impaired to a more of a milder problem where the language is preserved but other aspects of social and communication problems are still present.

The social and communication issues can lead to significant problems in individual’s relationships, education, occupation and social gatherings often leading to co morbid depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. Often there can be a genetic and family history of ASD conditions. Diagnosing ASD in adulthood needs comprehensive assessment as it is not easy to separate out ASD features which can also overlap with the other mental health conditions like ADHD, depression, psychosis and bipolar. Special training and experience is required to come to a conclusive diagnosis.

In Mental Health and Well Being Services, Dr Mohamad undertakes this assessment and is accredited by the National Autistic Society to take formal diagnostic assessments. If you or your family member suspect having this condition your GP should be able to make a referral to the regional NHS service or recommend private source.

The diagnostic assessment can sometimes take up to three hours and may need more than one consultation to be able to reach a formal diagnosis. Our consultant may also recommend treatment for any co-morbid condition if they are also playing a part along with ASD condition.

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