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Mental Health and well being team (L-R) Graham, Franki, Sabeen, Wasi & Clare

Mental Health and Well Being Services Ltd is a private psychiatric provider for mental health treatments. The organisation is approved by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and provides expertise in a range of mental health conditions.

The founding members Dr Wasi Mohamad (consultant psychiatrist) and Sabeen Mohamad (consultant psychotherapist) share considerable experience of treating complex mental health conditions and wanted to make their expertise more readily available to help clients with mental health difficulties. They both have been fortunate enough to get outstanding training and experience, working with some of the best trainers in the UK, and taking opportunities to work alongside highly qualified and experienced colleagues in UK. Some of their role models and psychiatric training roots come from Shropshire. In 2017, when opening the clinic in Shrewsbury, they both wanted to give something back to the county of Shropshire and to reach out to other places in the UK as well as collaborate across the world. Shrewsbury, as the birthplace of Charles Darwin, seems a fitting place to establish a clinic where evidence-based approaches were understood and used for social, psychological, and genetic treatment.  Dr Mohamad and Sabeen were very fortunate to be joined by some of their old colleagues Clare (PA), and Graham (nurse specialist), along with Health and Psychology practitioner, Francesca, to form a multidisciplinary team covering all the basics of a psychiatric start up.

One in four adults experience mental health related conditions during their life time and mental health conditions are estimated to cost £70—100 billion each year in the UK alone. It is estimated by WHO that by 2020 depression would be the second biggest cause of disability. Sometimes people can dismiss these conditions as a lack of strong will or a problem with character rather than recognising them as medical conditions which can sometimes take lives. Suicide is now the biggest cause of death in men between the ages of 20 to 50. Similarly, up to 25 percent of women between the ages of 45 to 55 can have features of mood and anxiety disorders.

The ethos of Mental Health and Well Being Services is to help people at the time of need and to make treatment affordable. As well as private treatments, Mental Health and Well Being Services work closely with the NHS commissioning groups in Shropshire and Telford, with the organisation being contracted to provide Adult ADHD services across the Shropshire county for NHS service users. Additionally, private treatments are available via all the leading private insurers or self-funding methods.

The organisation aims to provide caring, compassionate, and evidence-based treatment in times of need and the logo of Holding Hands defines the philosophy, passion, and ethos of the team. Each member of the team is committed to doing the best for all our service users, whether funding privately or coming to receive care via NHS.

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